Vonsetta B.

January 13, 2018

Vonsetta B.

I’m sending this to say thank you for all the work you’ve done for me. When I first came to you, I was coming just to get trained and to work out. I knew I had physical limitations and pain in my body but our assessment really showed me how I could be working out better without these problems. We started working not just on my fitness but my health and that moved into dealing with my physical pain through my emotional health. I didn’t know about how coaching could help me deal with my pain; I didn’t know what to think about it or how successful it was going to be for me to hire you as my coach.

My back pain was so persistent that I decided to do what you suggested and we got into it! You showed me that my back pain was being caused by an emotion I was having and you helped me understand that emotion. You helped me understand that even though somebody else was doing things to me the emotion was within myself and gave me the tools to identify, understand it and our work took my back pain away! I haven’t had any pain since!

It took a lot of digging into my mental thoughts of me, my life, things I thought I had forgotten about that was still there unconsciously and my self-talk. The things that I tell myself I realized were all negative,

You worked with me to turn all that around and make my life and my thoughts on me change. It was painful. Oh, God knows it was painful looking that deep in my thoughts. But you got me through them, you’ve made me a much stronger person.

You are a very incredible man and anybody who comes to you for coaching and fitness is a very lucky person, they will not ever regret any doings with you whatsoever. If I could keep you in my life to talk to me every day to get me through all these different things that pop up in my life, I would.  I would carry you in my back pocket and keep you with me to just say, “Isaac, what is this?” and have you teach me all about life.

You’re an amazing person and I have so much love for you. I can’t wait to continue our work.

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