January 7, 2018
Sandra C.


One day I got out of bed and the pain on my left foot was so severe that I could barely walk on the heel. I limped around on it for two months expecting it to go away. It never did, so I went to the doctor. They took X-rays, did ultrasound, and gave me cortisone shots, but didn’t get anywhere near treating the real problem for my plantar fasciitis. Ultrasound didn’t do anything and cortisone barely helped the pain. After seeing doctors, they just told me to buy Brooks and wear them to protect my feet, which I did while working out, but I couldn’t wear high heels anymore and the problem wasn’t going away. Every morning and every evening, I limped around barely able to walk. I saw Isaac treating people and getting amazing success and so I booked a session with him. We did one treatment together working identify every part that hurt and, when I got off the table, it didn’t hurt and it has never come back! I now work out in socks and can wear high heels. If you have plantar fasciitis pain stop going to the doctor and wasting your money. Go see Isaac because you will get absolutely amazing results with him!


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