Roxanne P.

January 6, 2018

Roxanne P.

One night I was getting up to go to work and had a hard time standing up. The doctors thought it was an ear infection and gave me antibiotics but, after a few days, it didn’t get better and I noticed my left arm started to go numb. After a few more days, I couldn’t feel my arm at all. My balance got worse, my vision blurred, and I had double vision and was taken to the ER. They did CAT scans and referred me to a neurologist saying I had MS and a possible stroke.

At this point, I had missed work due to the inability to feel my left arm, vision and dizziness, and could not go back. After seeing four doctors with nothing but MS and a stroke as a diagnosis, my daughter told me to see Isaac. He had done incredible work for her and I was tired of spending money on doctors and not seeing any results; one doctor had told me it could take two months for my vision to return! As a correction officer vision, balance and feeling in my left arm where things I needed to do my job and, without them returning, it presented major safety issues; I could not return to work.

I saw Isaac and after the first session, I could immediately feel my left arm again! My balanced restored, vision became better and steadily improved. I was able to go back to work and do my shifts. Even though I could feel my left arm again, I felt a sheet of ice over my arm anytime I put a long sleeve shirt on, and another pricking sensation when putting a jacket over that. Isaac treated me a second time and the tingling completely went away. The double vision went away immediately after and I went home and did a 20-minute Zumba video with my granddaughter. My balance was great and my energy levels outlasted my granddaughter! Most importantly my arm feeling was completely back and I could FEEL all the movements in my arm while doing the dance. There’s nothing wrong with my vision, arm or balance anymore! It’s completely normal!

Whatever magic you’re doing I can tell the difference! I appreciate it! You can either continue with doctors and never get the answers spending lots of money or come see Isaac if you want to be quickly back to function. Since seeing doctors, I have ended up on five different medications and I’m not one of those people to wait around and hang around and hope for the best. I want an alternative that actually works! Thank you for helping me, not only has it been beneficial for my health, but it’s also well worth it financially!

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