Richard T.

December 29, 2017

Richard T.

It has been three days since I had my NIS treatment and the treatment with ACMOS. It was my second time with NIS and the focus of the treatment was closely related. I was lethargic when I was normally overrun with energy. For weeks I was experiencing back paroxysms, pains in the dorsalis of the right foot, eye twitching, and random pains throughout my body. No matter the length or amount of stretches that I performed, nor the massage therapy I had, I was unable to resolve the issues.

I spoke with Isaac at my semi-training and we set a pain relief appointment. During the session I began to see results immediately. A pressure and congestion issue I had ongoing for a few weeks immediately cleared from my left side and I felt a lot of my tension and worry leave my body. After the initial NIS I was able to stretch a part of my body that I was physically incapable of that time. The range of motion that I had received from the treatment was amazing! My energy levels started to self-restore.

During ACMOS I had started to smell random scents when he had the box open. I asked if Isaac had previously scented the house prior to my arrival. When he declined he had done so I began smelling peppermint. It was eventually one of the products I needed for my treatment. The accuracy and efficiency that I received were extraordinary. Admittedly, I have seen ACMOS very rarely and just recently heard of it. I was skeptical. After my treatment and after waiting three days to test the results I am by far impressed. I have been calmer; more collected and focused than I have ever been. At times I am unable to control my thoughts or rate at which they travel. I have been able to focus on multiple topics without the incessant mind interruptions. It has been lifting to know that there is healing without medication.
I am very blessed to know Isaac and have him treat me with this new healing. I will be definitely be returning if ever in need again.

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