Raven W.

December 8, 2017

Raven W.

I was running around Ruston in the summer when suddenly, in my lower right stomach area, I felt a super sharp pain. It kept growing sharper until I couldn’t even stand up anymore: the pain doubled me over to a point of sweating and I had to call a friend to take me to the ER. They prepped me for a ruptured appendix but I told them I had never had an appendix problem before and wanted imaging before they operated. They found nothing wrong with my appendix and then started prepping me to remove my ovaries. I told them the same thing regarding my ovaries and more imaging revealed I had no problems with my ovaries. They didn’t know what was wrong with me so they sent me home with high grade pain meds. I was in extreme pain and frustrated because no one knew what was wrong with me and since I didn’t have health insurance now had thousands of dollars of medical bills.

I saw Isaac the next day for treatment and the pain completely went away in one session and never returned. He said it was linked to organ fascia dysfunction. I should have gone to see Isaac right away.

Two years ago, I was just walking and my left hip went out, I don’t know what triggered it but it felt like it was falling out of the socket, I couldn’t even stand or lay on it and there was a constant ache. I was limping to a point where I couldn’t even step up onto a curb. I tried to have massage work done on it but it hurt even more. No amount of ice or heat could get the pain to go away. After a few weeks I decided it wasn’t getting better and saw Isaac. Immediately it felt better, the next day it was a little achy and then following day it was completely gone! When it resurfaced two years later from wearing high heels, doing high kicks for dancing, and growing older, it had gotten so bad I wasn’t able to even sit crossed leg or dance. The pain was even more intense and hurt to a point where even walking on flat ground was excruciating. I tried massage, heat, and ice for six weeks and it didn’t get better.

I saw Isaac for one session and it felt instantly better. It was sore the day after and a little less the following day and then completely vanished. My treatment with Isaac has taught me don’t delay if you’re in pain. I have a habit of waiting and suffering before doing something, and I get in a mind set that I’ve tried a lot of things and think my pain is never going to go away anyway… so I lose hope or postpone for when I have more money or keep hoping it goes away by itself. But I learned to go see Isaac right away and take care of myself.

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