No Success Without This Bright Spot


Bright Spots. If you haven’t heard the term before, bright spots are common traits that successful plans or ideas have in common. New York Times Bestselling Author Tim Ferris is known for his ability to take habits and behaviors that the best in the world have and finding the common ground across success.

In this blog post we’re going to talk about one of the bright spots for success in fulfillment.

When I first started training I thought learning the most about every tool would make me the best trainer, now 12 years later I realized the best personal trainer is the one who can get results with the clients by influencing not only their physical BUT also their mental changes.

In my search for helping my clients develop a winning mindset, I realized that a “bright spot” in any successful client I worked with was GRATITUDE.


Life throws us all challenges. There is always someone with more or less than we have so gratitude becomes a constant thought process rather than a moment where you pick something you’re grateful for. The story of Oprah Winfrey always reminds me that our belief system NOT our situation determines where we arrive.

If you don’t know the story of Ophrah, check out this link. Like most people, you’re probably reading this in a hurry so you can read this brief description.

Overcoming rape, the loss of her child and everyone telling her she wasn’t capable of anything Oprah was declared insane and committed to an asylum until one day she was rescued by a man who showed her how to change her belief system to make her life positive. Opran is now one of the most successful women in the world.

Oprah and the life of many others success figures are an example that not WHERE you come from that determines your success but where your mind went to pull you out of the challenges you had. Being stuck in traffic can increase your blood pressure and release hormones of stress in your body or you can find a way to make that time productive and incorporate something meaningful during that time into your day.

When you’re THANKFUL it’s hard to be in a bad mood and easier to interpret situations as helpful to you rather than hurtful. Your belief system is why some people love to clean the house and others absolutely hate it. They get different things out of it because they believe it does different things for them in their mind.
Gratitude puts you in a state where the world is a better place because you can interpret it as a better place. It allows you to see things that have the potential to be there.


So how do we adopt this bright spot that the happiest, fulfilled and successful people have? We start by incorporating a new routine that incorporates our desired result of being in a state of gratitude.

Before adding any new habit or routine we have to connect with our own experience of how adding this is going to make a difference in our life. All the methods are nothing without the right engine to incorporate them.


  1. When is a time that my lack of gratitude stopped me from receiving or enjoying a gift or experience?
  2. What is the biggest area of my life I could see being in a positive gratitude filled mindset would make a difference for me? Write down what that difference would create in your life?
  3. When is the best moment of my day that having gratitude before going into a situation could completely transform the experience and results that I am not getting right now?

Once you have these answers written down schedule based on your answers the most beneficial time to start a gratitude session.


  • Think of one positive thing that you feel very blessed to have in your day. Sometimes for me, it’s as simple as a car that works that got me through my busy day.
  • It might be the realization that I have somewhere to go and a place to be busy instead of sitting on the couch numbing myself watching Netflix all day.
  • Start with one and you will find that in each level of topic there are many more things to be grateful for.
  • It’s that simple but remember for your human experience and connection to getting results by doing this you need to start with the questions above.

If working with a health and mindset coach to navigate these questions and set up an effective gratitude session sounds like it would support you in this process then checkout our coaching page and see if it’s for you. You’ll be grateful you did and I am grateful you read this, I know that you are committed to success and fulfillment being the same.

You Are Here For A Reason,
Isaac, personal trainer Tacoma

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