Lack of Motivation During Pandemic


Is your motivation dwindling because of the pandemic? Here’s how to create the health you want now.

So much is being put on hold during isolation. It’s easy to feel like we need to wait until everything is back to normal before we can make a change in our health.

But, how many times have you waited because the time wasn’t right? How many times have you promised yourself you would turn your health around?

Something is always more important or pertinent. Will you be ready when quarantine is over? When the economy is better? When your finances are in line? When the tax season is over? When the kids move out?

It may feel like you are waiting because of COVID-19, but chances are you’ve been waiting longer than this pandemic has been around.


Most of the people I work with have tried to change their health already. They come to me because what they did before didn’t work.

Have you ever experienced a moment when you got so fed up with your health problems that you decided “This is it! I’m going to end this now!”

Maybe you had a wedding coming up and you wanted to look your best. Or, you realized you couldn’t keep up with your kids anymore. Or you were suffering from so much pain that you were just tired of it.

I know that feeling. That feeling of being fed up.

In that moment, you feel so much urgency and readiness. It’s in that moment when you sign up for a gym membership, hire a trainer, or start a nutrition coaching program. And that’s a great first step! But, don’t be fooled.

Just because you feel excited now, doesn’t mean you will later. When you had that feeling before, how long did it last? Usually, that feeling is fleeting.

Whenever we start to make a change, there comes a tipping point. At this tipping point, we go from being excited about change to being hit hard by how tough it is.

At this point, change gets so hard that we start thinking maybe it’s not the right time. Life happens. The kids get sick. We prioritize other things because we can’t handle all the stress. We’re hit with new expenses. It seems impossible to manage our schedule, workouts and diet all at the same time. A world pandemic happens.

Whatever the reason, it feels like it’s harder to keep going than it is to go back to the status quo.

I’ve seen this happen with many of my clients. Something inside them gives up once they get hit by the struggle of change. They forget that they had wanted to lose ten pounds and say “oh, I’m happy just feeling a little more energetic. I don’t really need to lose weight or do that big hike I’ve always wanted to.”

The wonderful thing is that when we know that this tipping point is coming, we can be ready for it. And we can prepare so that we don’t get stopped.


Change is scary. The human mind is wired to try to avoid change as much as possible. It wants us to stay the same, no matter if that serves us or not. That’s why change takes conscious effort and investment.

I know because I’ve been through the cycle of waiting so many times myself. When I first started looking for a solution to my digestive problems, I started and stopped all the time. I got excited about change and enrolled in programs, but soon enough I burnt out. Then, I told myself that it was better to focus on other things instead.

When I realized that I had been giving up on my dreams over and over, I stopped quitting on programs and coaches when things got difficult. I realized there would always be an excuse for not realizing my dreams.

That’s why committing to the long term makes such a big difference. We can make a big commitment by getting involved in a like-minded community, enrolling in a class, a program, or coaching. This helps to keep our vision at the forefront of our minds. It makes our commitment bigger than all the other things that would normally take priority when things get tough.

I urge you, don’t let this pandemic be an excuse to keep waiting.

If we don’t start now, when will you? If you don’t keep going, when will the time ever be right to begin again?

The clients I’ve seen really transform their lives are the ones that commit to the long term, and who step forward in faith and curiosity when they hit setbacks. They get around people who will support their dreams when they are down.

If you are ready to make a change, and you are looking for a community of support, we’re here for you. I invite you to join our Facebook group here. We’ll give you the support and help you need to reach your health goals. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by other individuals doing the same.

Now is not the time to be waiting. It is time to make our dreams a reality! Start small if you need to, but do start. If you’re determined to start your healthy journey, our coaches can help you out. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to be part of your journey

Let’s stop waiting,

Coach Michelle

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