November 8, 2023

How To Get Healthy & Fit in 2023


Take Charge Of Your Health – We Use These Three Things With All Our Clients. Whether You’re In Tacoma or Copenhagen They’ll Work For You!

A New Year! Just about everyone starts off with the right idea. “I’m going to get healthier! I’m going to get powerfully committed and this year is going to be different.” But “How?” …..”From Hiring A Personal Trainer?”


As a Tacoma Personal Trainer I should be saying ” YES!” Hiring a trainer is going to solve all your problems. Instead, I want you to think first.


If we don’t ask this, we use the same old way of thinking that created the old outcome. If you want 2020 to be different you have to use a different approach than the one that got you the old result.

After doing work with clients in fitness I started to recognize things that didn’t work. Ways of thinking that weren’t compatible with success.

You’re diving in! I know you want to eat healthier, lose weight, feel good and maybe stop using so much of certain substances in 2020. These are all good things! So how do you make them stick and make 2020 a year of actual change?

Let’s lift-off! Start with a long term vision, identify your stopping pattern and get your energy in allignment with change. If it’s not changing in 2020 then when is it?


The most brilliant pieces of coaching ever given to me: “Most people overestimate what they can do in a year but underestimate what they can do in five”. If you’re coming from “Where does this change put me 5 years from now? You’ll make different decisions. Short term extreme goals, with short timelines, are disastrous.

Think about extreme dieting. The weight is always gained back because of the experience the person has from doing it. Usually painful and unfulfilling. It actually teaches the person to believe pain and unhappiness are part of weight loss. Meanwhile, pizza has a lot of good memories linked to it. Pizza then becomes the numbing agent to balance the discomfort of the diet. Once you accept that your goal is actually a 5-year goal you’re ready to start.


Your HIDDEN stopping pattern. This one can be hard to wrap your head around. Our subconscious mind creates 97 percent of all our decisions. Including the ones that have us stopping our new conscious goals. To figure this out you have to be curious.

“Why did I stop? How often does that show up for me? How did I rationalize stopping? What do I get out of stopping?”

This is a process we take our clients through when we first connect with them. Without knowing what’s going on deeper we are totally in the dark about why we make decisions.


Most people are trying to address a problem that’s not the problem. How much do you think eating out contributes to people struggling to lose weight? In my experience….MASSIVE! It’s the source of so many issues.

Before you stop reading this because you think you’ll have to stop eating out if you keep reading…..ask yourself this:

Is it really the food?

Are there healthy options when you eat out?


They can prepare your food any way you want it. Can it still taste good?


Why do we order certain things with certain people, are we afraid they’ll be limited if we order what we need to?

You have to peel the onion and get to the core issue.

Otherwise, you’ll always be grappling with the problem that isn’t the problem.


In the energy of avoidance, we become professionals at putting things off. Learn to feel avoidance springing up in your spirit. In fact, schedule your day with the most difficult things first. If it’s brushing your teeth do that first thing. If it’s making a phone call. Make the phone call and celebrate after. If it’s a muscle group that’s weak and causing you pain and muscle imbalances train it first!

Doing the difficult thing first sets you up to have a practice of moving forward. It also teaches you the practice of non-resistance which is key for moving forward in life. When we resist we stop the things we want from showing up because we are holding onto something else. That’s a lifelong practice that I explore and bring up with clients during our work together.

If you didn’t avoid and resist the things you needed to do what would that do for you? When you do what’s hardest you’ve already won!


Think about energy. Conscious-control is spendable energy. You start with points and you spend them during the day. Spending what’s left of your points at the end of the day hoping there’s enough to get the most important task done is setting yourself up for failure.

At some point, we are going to revert back to an old pattern. I mean you’re not thinking about breathing right now, but you are. Not all old patterns are bad. When we are making a change we need to really protect the energy around that pattern change. That can mean prioritizing it as urgent. Conscious energy is limited. Protect it.


As a Coach and Trainer I’ve learned there’s the easy thing to do, then there’s the deep work. The easy thing to do is ” JUST DO IT!”. As a younger coach, I would become baffled when that didn’t work. Fourteen years later, I know because the deeper issue was never addressed.

Think about yourself as a learner, a developing human being and a long term project. You’ll need patience to succeed. I’m not saying it’s slow. But you’ll need patience for yourself and the head trash that shows up. It’s actually about loving yourself enough to let yourself grow.

Peel the onion. Get soulfully honest with yourself. Be brave. Be bold! What you want is on the other side of that answer.

Use your energy well. Protect your energy. You’re not for everyone and everything. That’s exhausting. The world isn’t served by your exhaustion. Complete this statement: My victory today will be_________________.

Bring mindfulness and focus on the completion of that. How can I do it earlier? How can I feel really good when I’m doing it? What would support me in that?

Love the experience. It’s why you’re here. You are here for a reason.

Thanks for reading! If reading this added some value for you please share on social media, with someone you care about or with someone who might need to read this. You are so capable of BEING the change. We are all different and on our own journey with our own gifts and experiences that are waiting for us!  If you want to connect, fill out a form and we’ll be in touch! ~ Isaac

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