February 6, 2018


I have a lot of motivation for being healthy. With my wedding coming up and turning 45, I realized it was time to focus on me. My kids are grown and personal training was something I’ve always wanted to do.

Picking a program where I wouldn’t be injured was important to me. I work on my feet all day doing hair and I can’t afford to be out of work or lose time training towards my health goals. I’ve been running for years and didn’t see the change in my body I wanted, so I joined Beometry to start making the changes that I have always wanted to in nutrition and fitness.

At six am on one of my morning runs with my dog, I stepped onto a curb. The surface was soft and I felt my ankle twist and pop. I kept running and didn’t think anything of it. around noon I felt pain in my ankle that got worse minute by minute. The pain escalated to a point where I went to urgent care and they confirmed I had a sprain and gave me crutches and ibuprofen.

Even though I was in a lot of pain,  I had to run some errands and take care of a few things. As  I did, my ankle swelled more and more. That night was my scheduled training with Isaac. I told him that I hurt my ankle running that morning and was worried about being  derailed from my fitness progress. He told me to come in so he could work on it.

I showed up at Beometry at 6pm not able to put any weight on my ankle. What happened next was something I never experienced before. Isaac started evaluating at my head to fix a foot problem. He found pressure points that hurt when I tried to put weight on my foot and he was able to turn them off elsewhere on the body. I saw the swelling physically go down in my ankles and calf.

When I got up to put weight on my leg, the points of pain that previously felt like they were going to snap when I placed weight on them didn’t feel like that way anymore! I was able to put weight on my leg and drive home easier immediately after treatment. It felt so much better when I got home I didn’t take any of the ibuprofen. The next day I was able to walk without any crutches!

A week later I was running on it again back to my full fitness regime!

Besides being able to focus on my fitness, the most important thing for me was no lost work. I can’t do hair on crutches.

I have recommended Isaac to many of my clients since. I appreciate his professionalism and knowledge and I have complete trust in his ability.

For fitness, I tell all my clients about the environment and program at Beometry. It feels like family. Not in the sense there are kids everywhere but in the sense that you are accepted and welcomed and not intimidated. I like to challenge myself without putting on a show and feeling confident in the program and coaches is an important part of me being able to do that fully.

To anyone who has not started their journey with Beometry yet, I tell you, “Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Getting Better”! Working out with a personal trainer like Beometry is expensive but I realized that I throw money away on other things all the time that don’t help me grow in my life. Focusing on my health as I get older and taking care of myself is something I can invest into and has been an incredible addition to my day, weeks and life.

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