Beatrix E.

February 6, 2018

Beatrix E.

After a whiplash injury, my left shoulder would lock up and get stuck. In fact on Christmas break one year it was so fully stuck it was up to my neck, I was in so much pain I was crying. I spent Christmas break sitting on my couch taking pain medications.

My left arm would go numb and I had to be careful about moving my arm in certain positions. I had Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy on it and ongoing, I even had twice a week massage for 3 months to address the issue and tried stretching it.

After having my arm go numb and being frustrated with nothing else working I decided instead of being complacent and sitting on the couch taking pain medication to come see Isaac. In our treatment session, he did some amazing work, that I don’t know how to explain. It was more subtle than the Physical therapy or massage therapy that I’ve had before. It was deeper, more comprehensive and at first, I was skeptical that it would work.

Now I’m a believer in Isaac’s magic powers. He gave me some specific tendon training to keep my shoulder loose and it hasn’t gotten stuck or gotten numb since even when working out with my shoulder!

I was hesitant about paying out of pocket for treatment because insurance was covering my physical therapy and massage therapy but I decided the speed of my recovery and the completeness was worth it.  So even though my PT and other services were free, they hadn’t fixed the problem and I decided to try a treatment session with Isaac. I decided why would I take a bus for free somewhere when I could invest and fly to my location quickly and efficiently and bring my body back to its full health. If you’ve tried other care and it hasn’t worked come see Isaac. It’s worth the investment in yourself.

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